Main Blades

Main Blades
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100 Main Blades

100 Main Blades..

1.500KD Ex Tax: 1.500KD



3.000KD Ex Tax: 3.000KD

120 Main Blades-White

120 Main Blades-White..

3.000KD Ex Tax: 3.000KD

200 Main Blades

200 Main Blades..

2.500KD Ex Tax: 2.500KD

205 Carbon Fiber Blades

205 Carbon Fiber Blades..

4.500KD Ex Tax: 4.500KD

205 Main Baldes

205 Main Baldes..

2.500KD Ex Tax: 2.500KD

205D Carbon Fiber Blades

205D Carbon Fiber Blades..

5.750KD Ex Tax: 5.750KD

325 Carbon Fiber Blades

325 Carbon Fiber Blades..

6.000KD Ex Tax: 6.000KD

325 Carbon Fiber Blades-Blue

325 Carbon Fiber Blades-Blue..

5.500KD Ex Tax: 5.500KD

325 Carbon Rotor Blade/Yellow

325 Carbon Rotor Blade/Yellow..

4.250KD Ex Tax: 4.250KD

325 Fiber Rotor Blade/White

325 Fiber Rotor Blade/White..

4.000KD Ex Tax: 4.000KD

360 Carbon Fiber Blades

360 Carbon Fiber Blades..

8.500KD Ex Tax: 8.500KD

425 Carbon Fiber Blades

425 Carbon Fiber Blades..

14.000KD Ex Tax: 14.000KD

425 Crabon Fiber Night Baldes/3K

425 Crabon Fiber Night Baldes/3K..

22.250KD Ex Tax: 22.250KD

425D Carbon Fiber Blades

425D Carbon Fiber Blades..

14.750KD Ex Tax: 14.750KD

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