Powerboxes & Accessories

Powerboxes & Accessories
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Badshare, 2Pak

Badshare, 2Pak..

22.250KD Ex Tax: 22.250KD

Batshare Ultra

Batshare Ultra..

17.000KD Ex Tax: 17.000KD



14.750KD Ex Tax: 14.750KD

Equalizer II

Equalizer II..

17.000KD Ex Tax: 17.000KD

Powerbox 40/24 Professional

Powerbox 40/24 Professional..

58.000KD Ex Tax: 58.000KD

Powerbox Basic JR

Powerbox Basic JR..

25.000KD Ex Tax: 25.000KD

Powerbox Battery 2800 MPX Connector

Powerbox Battery 2800 MPX Connector..

35.000KD Ex Tax: 35.000KD

Powerbox Champion Lipo, mit Einstellboard (incl sensor switch and adjustboard)

Powerbox Champion Lipo, mit Einstellboard (incl sensor switch and adjustboard)..

120.000KD Ex Tax: 120.000KD

Powerbox Gemini JR (incl sensor switch)

Powerbox Gemini JR (incl sensor switch)..

30.000KD Ex Tax: 30.000KD

PowerSchalter JR Schwarz

PowerSchalter JR Schwarz..

10.000KD Ex Tax: 10.000KD

Powersystem Sport Plus

Powersystem Sport Plus..

84.250KD Ex Tax: 84.250KD

Schalter Set Schwarz

Schalter Set Schwarz..

20.000KD Ex Tax: 20.000KD

Smart switch

Smart switch..

10.000KD Ex Tax: 10.000KD



13.250KD Ex Tax: 13.250KD

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